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REACH helps students see their potential and gives them the tools they need to succeed in school and life. Much like classrooms across the nation, the REACH System is diverse. It goes beyond students’ test scores or attendance records. REACH goes deeper into why students may be falling behind or lacking motivation, and instead, looks at students’ social and emotional learning factors that are often overlooked by schools.

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The Reach Framework

RELATIONSHIPS are a key driver of student motivation. The REACH System focuses on making sure positive and beneficial relationships are present in a student’s life and empowering educators to develop those relationships to make a difference in school performance.

EFFORT focuses on the understanding that a student’s brain is like a muscle that can get smarter with effort. The REACH System highlights developing a student’s “growth mindset” so they can learn to benefit from challenging themselves.

ASPIRATIONS help students develop goals and dreams and connect their current actions to their future selves. While students may have aspirations for their future, REACH places a greater value on short-term actions that promote long-term well-being

COGNITION helps students learn to think about their own thinking. Tapping into students’ cognition can help give them self-control, be more likely to achieve goals, and set them up for future successes.

HEART gives students the opportunity to discover what they love to do. Using the term “sparks” to help student describe their interests and talents, Heart is the category of REACH that gives joy and meaning to students’ lives, making them more motivated and successful in school.

Motivation Matters

Search Institute’s research-based solutions like REACH give students the external tools and internal drivers they need to be successful in school. Order your REACH Survey or bring REACH professional development to your school.

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