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By using the REACH Survey, educators can better understand which areas of the REACH System the school should focus on. And using REACH’s research- and activity-packed Strategies Guidebook along with the REACH Survey’s clear, actionable data, teachers can more deliberately work on improving student’s motivation toward success.

The REACH Survey is a 103-question online survey for youth in grades 6-12 grade (ages 11-18). It’s usually completed by students in 30 minutes or less. It provides important insight into what enhances or inhibits motivation among students in your school. It can be administered one time to capture a snapshot of the factors that influence motivation, or multiple times as a pre- and post-assessment to see changes.

In addition, it includes in-depth relationships questions which go beyond school to look at how youth perceive relationships with their parents, friends, youth program leaders, and other school support staff (like counselors, principals, etc.). It helps provide a 360-degree look at the world students are experiencing.

The self-report survey measures the five components of the REACH System–Relationships, Effort, Aspirations, Cognition, and Heart–as well as external factors experienced by students at schools, such as school climate, sense of belonging in school, the perception of discrimination in school, and more.

Your survey results come in a detailed, easy-to-comprehend packet with answers broken down by groups and demographics in each section of the survey, along with an executive summary of the data. You’ll also have access to a thorough user guide for planning your survey administration, in-depth site reports, and administrative support from our expert staff.

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Strengthening Student Motivation Workshop: Building Success in School and Beyond with the REACH System

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A Search Institute expert will bring the REACH research, tool and techniques to life with this two-day open-enrollment workshop. This workshop will introduce the research behind REACH System and how to integrate the tools and techniques into your personal practice.

The following topics are included:

  • Introduction to the importance of character strengths
  • Development of character strengths
  • Academic motivation and persistence
  • Key ideas for implementing The REACH System
  • Anchor Activities and REACH Techniques for educators to strengthen students’ academic motivation

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For more information on the Strengthening Student Motivation Workshop and upcoming dates contact Mary Shrader or call 800.888.7828 ext. 526


Onsite Schoolwide Implementation Planning: Using the REACH System to Drive School Improvement

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When it comes to research-based improvements in education, there are a lot of options to consider. But taking the insights from research into practice–especially across complex communities like schools–takes considerable vision and deliberation.

To guide school leaders in successfully integrating REACH research and resources into schools’ comprehensive improvement efforts, Search Institute offers School-wide Implementation Planning via onsite workshops and follow-up support.

Informed by improvement science principles and Search Institute’s experience with a diverse spectrum of schools, a REACH expert will visit your site and create a customized solution to fit your structure, support, time and budget.

Onsite School-wide Implementation Planning breaks implementation of the REACH System into manageable, logical workstreams. Additionally, the implementation planning workshops give participating school leaders direct input in building the initiative’s processes, schedules, roles, and responsibilities. In all, the implementation planning workshops allow school leadership teams to collaboratively reach shared understandings of and consensus around the following:

  • REACH rationale and operations
  • Understanding and planning with the REACH Components (REACH Student Survey, REACH Anchor Activities, REACH Techniques)
  • Implementation Considerations: Vitals & Logistics
  • Prioritizing, Professional Learning (Initial and Continuous), Methods of Initiative Monitoring
  • Building an Initiative Calendar
  • Planning Communications
  • Owning Roles

Note: Prior completion of the Strengthening Student Motivation Workshop is recommended (but not required) to participate in Onsite School-wide Implementation Planning

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For more information on the REACH Implementation Institute and upcoming dates contact Mary Shrader or call 800.888.7828 ext. 526


REACH On-site Professional Development

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Let us bring increased student motivation to your location! These on-site professional development workshops can be individually designed to give your teachers an overview or a deeper dive into components of the REACH System — Relationships, Effort, Aspirations, Cognition, or Heart. The REACH System will be introduced to your entire staff and they’ll leave knowing the goals and related anchor activities for implementing REACH techniques in the classroom. The workshop includes a REACH Strategies Guidebook for each participant.

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To schedule a REACH On-site Professional Development workshop, contact Mary Shrader or call 800.888.7828 ext. 526