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An understandable & actionable strategy for strengthening student motivation

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Measure and Improve Student Motivation

The REACH Framework provides tools to measure and improve academic motivation. It examines social and emotional factors such as Relationships, Effort, Aspirations, Cognition, and Heart along with other key variables that affect students motivation and engagement.

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The REACH Survey is a valid and reliable youth self-report survey that measures students’ development of the social and emotional skills found in the REACH framework.

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The Strengthening Student Motivation Workshop helps you get grounded in the research behind REACH and create a plan to integrate the REACH tools and techniques.

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The Schoolwide Student Motivation Institute is designed for the school that wants to implement the REACH Framework throughout their school or district.

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REACH On-site Professional Development Days allow you to bring an expert to your school to engage staff in learning about and using REACH strategies.

Download Our New Developmental Relationships Research

This is an excerpt of Search Institute’s new research on developmental relationships. It’s part of The REACH Strategies Guidebook and it includes two engaging activities that let students think about and create visual maps of the
relationships that matter in their lives.

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"It is so intuitive and yet innovative at the same time. REACH is anchored in what [the teachers] intuitively know is good for kids and it just gives a common language to talk about it."

Kathryn Robinson

Psychologist, Eagan High School